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Mechanical Syllabus

1. Hydraulics :-

(a) Introduction
(b) Hydrostatics
(c) Buoyancy
(d) Fluid Flow
(e) Energy and momentum equation.
(f) orifices
(g) Notches and weirs
(h) Flow through pipes
(i) Channels
(j) Hydraulic machines.

2. Manufacturing process :-

Metal working process, casting process, metal joining process (welding, soldering, brazing), powder metallurgy, Unconventional Machining Process etc.
 Industrial Engg :-
work study, production planning & control, Quality control, Inspection, Standard & Code.

3. TOM (Theory of M/C)

(I) Mechanism and machines
(II) Velocity Analysis
(III) Acceleration Analysis
(IV) Gear
(V) Gear Train
(VII) Flywheel
(VIII) Balancing of Different types of Engine.
(IX) Governors
(X) Vibration

4. Mechanics.

Force analysis, Moment & couple, General Condition for equilibrium, Friction,machines, concept for projectile motion, Law of motion & its Application, Straight Impact of elastic body.

5. Strength of Meterial :-

(a) Basic concept of Stress, Strain and Properties of material.
(b) Complex & Compound Stress (Only two dimensional.)
(c) Shear Force & bending moment.
(d) Theory of simple Bending.
(e) Strain energy.
(f) Torsion
(g) Slope & deflection of Beams.
(h) Columns & Struts.
(i) Thin & Thick cylindrical and spherical shells.